I am a faculty member at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and Providence Saint John's Cancer Institute.  I teach residents, fellows and medical students and have done so over the past three decades at multiple universities and centers including USC, UCLA, UCI, City of Hope and Kaiser.  This includes office-based practice but is mainly focused on virtual patient sessions & didactics as well as in-person surgical observation. 

Endometriosis 101

Semester: Evergreen

Offered: 2024

The medical student or rotating practitioner at resident, fellow, international visiting professor level, or other practitioners interested in endometriosis will receive didactic sessions, participate in patient care, and, when appropriate and approved, surgical observation of our robotic minimally invasive cases.  Many patient encounters are via telehealth as can be didactic sessions.  

N.B. The course is not listed in any university or organizational catalog.  It is coordinated by my offices. 

Visiting Professor Observatorship

Semester: Evergreen

Offered: on hiatus (inquire)

This is an unfunded opportunity for those interested in observing advanced robotic surgery for endometriosis and related malignancies and conditions.  The surgery is performed in both the Los Angeles and Central Coast California areas.  The ability to secure an appropriate VISA and proof of training is required. This opportunity is only available when approved by the hospital medical staff offices.  Duration of the observatorship is flexible but limited by hospital rules and regulations.